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Who we are

Simplify3D was founded to improve the software tools that exist for additive manufacturing.  Since our founding in 2013, Simplify3D has become the leading global provider of commercial 3D printing software, with customers in over 170 countries.  We work relentlessly to ensure that our products lead the industry in compatibility, reliability, and performance.  Our software features best-in-class support structure generation, a powerful slicing engine, incredibly realistic pre-print simulations, and an intuitive interface that provides our customers with complete control over their 3D prints.  We work closely with 3D printing companies around the globe to integrate the software with the latest generation of 3D printers, allowing our customers to have a seamless setup experience, regardless of which machine they choose to purchase.

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Hands-On Expertise

Simplify3D is proudly located in Cincinnati, Ohio, in a facility that houses one of the largest collections of different 3D printers in the world. Every day, we’re hands-on with cutting-edge technology that allows us to improve our products in new ways.  We are constantly working with next-generation hardware, new materials, and different AM technologies to ensure the software is adapting to the needs of our customers.  Our experts have decades of experience across a wide array of disciplines, allowing our team to add unparalleled intelligence into the software.  New functionality can be tested in-house, providing rapid and valuable feedback to guide our development.

Finding solutions for the toughest problems in additive manufacturing is our passion and our in-house engineering and development teams make this possible.

Our Mission

Empower innovation through intuitive software tools
that unleash the power of additive manufacturing

Our Values


Our customers inspire our team.  Every day, our users provide valuable insights that drive our engineering and development teams to innovate and envision the future of 3D printing.  We work closely with customers to understand their unique needs and funnel their suggestions back into the software.


Nothing but the best.  We strive to create a product that produces consistent and predictable results enabling a level of precision and quality that define the industry.  We know our products are used in mission-critical applications, and we work hard to deliver features that have been tested and proven to add value.


Relentlessly moving forward.  We strive to create software that pushes the envelope and expands upon the possibilities of additive manufacturing.  Our diverse team brings new ideas from a wide array of backgrounds and we work closely with industry partners to pursue the most ambitious ideas.

Giving Back

We go beyond software.  Our company supports a culture of giving back so that employees have the freedom to help with their time, knowledge, or company funding.  From investing in STEM programs around the country to giving back a portion of our profits, we find ways to extend our reach and make a difference.

A few of our customers

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