Stronger Web Infrastructure Key to Future Growth

 In General News

Simplify3D is about to celebrate our 8th anniversary delivering the most comprehensive and advanced 3D printing software on the market. Throughout this journey, we have consistently challenged ourselves to push forward and create the tools needed to support the future of additive manufacturing. This past month, we launched our largest infrastructure update yet, paving the way for a new generation of advancements that our customers will benefit from for years to come.

For those who may not know, Simplify3D is backed by an entire network of web-based services that support every aspect of our business. This mission-critical infrastructure forms the backbone that connects to our customers and powers many features within the software itself. Several of the most exciting features we are developing require corresponding infrastructure advancements before they can be realized. This is the nature of modern software development. It requires multiple systems seamlessly working together to deliver a robust experience to our customers.

For the last year, our web services team has been working on upgrading and improving our infrastructure to create a strong foundation for future Simplify3D releases. Changes were carefully designed to support our upcoming Version 5.0 release and long-term roadmap. After a great deal of testing and planning, we are happy to report that the new infrastructure has now been successfully rolled out without any interruption to our customers.

Much of the new functionality will operate silently behind-the-scenes, delivering improved scalability and reliability. More notable changes include an improved checkout experience, new license management tools, upgraded software APIs, improved integrations for our OEM partners, and more efficient customer support tools. The changes will also enable many of the new features coming in our Version 5.0 release that is currently undergoing testing. Overall, nearly every system you touch as a customer of Simplify3D has taken a major step forward and is well-positioned for the ambitious future we have planned.

Our web services team will continue to work hard to ensure these systems deliver the performance and reliability that our customers expect. Thank you for trusting our team – we look forward to many innovations still to come!

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