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Our Simplify3D community members continually amaze us with the 3D projects they have created. We showcase many of these incredible projects through our Print of the Week series on social media. Some of these projects inspire us with new applications for 3D printing, and some simply astound us with intricate details and stunning print quality. Keep reading to see our list of winners for the Best Prints of 2018 and get some inspiration for your next print!

Advent Calendar Printed By Giuseppe Pasquraelli

Count down the days until Christmas with this beautiful Advent Calendar. Designed to look like a farmhouse, this print comprises over 20 pieces that were assembled post-print.

Cheshire Cat Pumpkin Printed By Racush

This model is a creative Halloween remix of the Cheshire Cat, made famous in the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlandmovie. Racush printed the model hollow using Simplify3D supports and illuminated it with a small light for an awesome final presentation.

Colorful Bath & Body Accessories Printed By Nerea Buxton

With a passion for 3D printing lifestyle products, Nerea designed and printed these containers in beautiful pastel colors. These prints make up a small portion of her bath and body designs that range from soap trays to lip scrub tins.

Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse Printed By 8birdboyuk

This 7-part model took over 65 hours of print time to complete. After an amazing paint job, this fully functional birdhouse is move-in ready!

Flexible Dinosaurs Printed By Mosaic Manufacturing

Using the Separate Connected Surfaces option in Simplify3D, Mosaic Manufacturing separated existing articulating models so they could be assigned to different processes and printed in multiple colors. Check out their short tutorial video to see how they created these flexible dinosaurs.

Dragon Shot Glass Printed By Jim Carter

Jim used Simplify3D Version 4.1 to print this dragon shot glass that “came out flawless!” To create this crisp color definition Jim used the Dual Extrusion Wizard to assign each model to a different color using multiple processes.

Giant LEGO Computer Printed By Sean Charlesworth

Sean designed and printed these models based on some of his favorite Classic Space LEGO-themed projects as a kid. Made up of over 20 different pieces Sean has also printed this project in Blue, Grey, and M:Tron colors.

Human Brain Printed By Alaska 3D Printing

To create this colorful model of the human brain, Alaska 3D Printing built the model in two parts and glued them together. Using rainbow filament added some extra color for the different sections of the brain.

Iron Giant & Hogarth Printed By Chaos Core Tech

With over 100 pieces, 400 hours of print time, and standing over two feet tall this project lives up to its name! Designed and printed by Garrett Kearney, creator of the Chaos Core Tech YouTube channel, Garrett based this project on his favorite scene from the Iron Giant movie. Check out his video to learn more about this project!

Iron Man Printed By Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson is quickly becoming known for his ability to produce remarkable prints using finely-tuned Simplify3D settings. This Iron Man model was designed by Serglu Saniz Malic and was printed by Tom just in time for Comic-Con 2018.

LEGO Megaphone Printed By Stian Ervik Wahlvåg

Stian Wahlvåg, creator of the Agepbiz YouTube channel, designed and printed this life-sized LEGO Microphone, complete with working electronics. Don’t miss his video where he shows you step-by-step how to assemble this impressive DIY project.

Lighthouse Printed By 3D Maker Noob

This awesome Lighthouse project comes from Joe, the creator of the 3D Maker Noob YouTube channel. He printed this model with no supports and relied on great bridging settings. To learn more about the airbrush painting technique he used, check out his two-part video tutorial.

Live, Love, Laugh Personalize Font Printed By Distinctive Impressions

3D Printed text can often require some fine tuning of your 3D printer and software settings. Distinctive Impressions did a great job of designing and printing these personalized fonts with great print quality.

Marvel Universe Lithophane Printed By Andii Nguyen

We have seen a lot of users convert an image into a 3D Printed lithophane that appears when lit with a backlight source. The epic battle that takes place in Marvel’s Captain American: Civil War movie inspired this marvelous print.

Mazda 787B Printed By Brett Turnage

Brett’s passion for cars and racing technology has led him to create some amazing 3D models including this Mazda 787B and racing legend Ayrton Senna’s 1993 Mclaren MP4/8 Formula One car.

MechDonalds Printed By GatorBat

Made up of over 20 fitted parts, this project’s print quality and dimensional accuracy create a very impressive build. GatorBat also printed a carton of french fries to go along with this MechDonalds model.

Miniature Lookout Tower Printed By Daniel Holland

Inspired by an observation tower built in the Czech Republic in 1864, this Miniature Lookout Tower was designed by Jukka Seppänen.  This print took Daniel over two days to print and turned out great with both sections capturing the intricate details of the model.

Multi-Color Phone Cases Printed By Devin Montes

It may surprise you to learn that these creative multi-color phone cases were printed using a single extruder printer. Devin Montes, the creator of the Make Anything YouTube channel, used multiple processes and Retraction Vertical lift settings to print each G-Code file in different colors. Check out his tutorial video to learn how to make your own phone

Nintendo Switch Single Joy-Con Grip Printed By Manabun

A perfect demonstration of dimensional accuracy, gamers will love this functional print. Download the files and check out the video of the designer assembling the final parts here.

3D Periodic Table Printed By EzeSko

EzeSko designed and printed this rotary, cylindrical periodic table. Each tile shows the elements abbreviation, mass, and atomic weight. As EzeSko puts it, “It is very useful and didactic, as well as artistic.” To download this model, find instructions for assembly, and see videos of this 3D Periodic Table in action Click here.

Reinhardt Printed By Anthony Roman Designs

“67 hours of printing and now justice will be done!” said Anthony after finishing his Reinhardt model. This model is based on a character from the Overwatch video game and used Simplify3D supports to print the arms and hands all in one piece.

Saber-Toothed Cat Skull Printed By Revamped Outdoors

This massive project was printed in one piece using Simplify3D supports and took over 113 hours to print! Elliot from the Revamped Outdoors YouTube Channel created a great video showing a time lapse of the print, interesting saber-toothed tiger facts, and a cool painting technique used on the final print.

Spider Pumpkin Printed By Le_Krug

Thinking about what decorations to print this Halloween? At first glance this 13-part model may seem like your average pumpkin, but it can quickly transform into a creepy spider! Don’t miss the short animation video of the transformation by the designer, William Bruning,

Spiderman Printed By Hawk 3D Proto

Printed using Simplify3D manual supports, this Spider-man bust was designed by David Östman with inspiration from the Marvel Spider-man video game. This print had our spider senses tingling!

Spore Printed By Leonardo Delgado

Inspired by Ernst Haeckel drawings, this “Spores” model was designed by Fernando Jerez as part of a Plastic Reef series.  Leonardo did a great job setting up his support and retraction settings in Simplify3D to print this model with stunning results.

Standing Porg Printed By Ricardo_jfa

The Porg quickly became a fan favorite following the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This little standing Porg’s legs can be fragile, but not to worry, designer Racardo_jfa also included a lightsaber prosthetic leg “So your Porg can stand up and conquer the galaxy.”

StormWind Lions Printed By Ian B

The popular video game, World of Warcraft, inspired these Stormwind Lion Statues, designed by Jukka Seppänen. Ian experimented with several filaments while printing this model, including Passionate Purple, Glamorous Gold, and Marble.

Tiny Rick Printed By SR3DPrints

Based on a character from the popular Rick and Morty TV show, this Tiny Rick model is actually very tall and used Simplify3D supports to print all in one piece. After easy support removal, the final print turned out great!

Wonder Woman Printed By Yellow Sign Studio

Designed by Malix3design, this 18-part Wonder Woman model includes a shield, sword, and the legendary lasso. Yellow Sign Studio did a fantastic job printing these highly-detailed parts and assembling them into an impressive final result.

Zombie Hand Printed By Zaky3d

This highly-detailed Zombie hand was printed support free and is another great Halloween decoration idea. If you like this model check out the Zombie Head from the same designer Fotis Mint.

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who shared their projects with us in 2018! With new capabilities added in Version 4.1 we look forward to hearing about more of your amazing creations in 2019!

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