User Spotlight: Joel Telling

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Joel Telling, Simplify3D user and YouTube’s 3D Printing Nerd, became a coffee shop hero through his 3D printed invention called the Sprinkle Catcher. His local coffee shop adds whipped cream and sprinkles to their hot chocolate drinks, but Joel noticed that the baristas hated to add this extra touch because the sprinkles scattered all over the counter and floor!

According to Joel, “I saw this all the time because my kids always get hot chocolates when they are with me. One time I said, ‘You guys, why don’t I print a sprinkle catcher for you so they don’t go all over the floor?’ Their eyes lit up, and they all said ‘Yes!’ multiple times.” Then Joel had his work cut out for him.

Simplify3D - 3D printed sprinkle catcher

Joel used his calipers to measure the cup lids, then designed a conical shape using OpenSCAD. Then, using Simplify3D’s vase mode, he printed a thin wall that rose vertically and slightly outward.“I wanted to have the wall thin because I needed a fast print,” Joel explains, “and I knew it didn’t need wall strength as sprinkles aren’t heavy.” The final result worked like a charm, and the baristas at the coffee shop were thrilled.

In fact, the baristas even gave it an affectionate nickname: “The Funkler.” They also believe that other coffee shops would love to have one, too. As Joel puts it, “Who knows, maybe you’ll see 3D Printing Nerd Sprinkle Catchers in stores this summer!”

Simplify3D - 3D printed sprinkle catcher with laptop

And one of the most impressive parts of this story? Joel has only been printing for four months! “When I first received my printer, I went online to do as much research as I could,” says Joel. “I wanted to find out how it worked and what made it tick. I saw references to Simplify3D as being THE piece of software you needed for your printer. It came down to wanting more control over what I was printing, so I took the plunge and purchased Simplify3D. I haven’t looked back since.”

See Joel’s video about this print below, and be sure to keep an eye out for Sprinkle Catchers at a coffee shop near you!

Simplify3D - how to 3D print Star Wars R2D2Simplify3D - Joel Telling with Con Man cast