New MakerGear Partnership

 In General News

We are proud to announce a new partnership with MakerGear LLC, the father of PLA printing, the heated build table, and the beautiful M2 line of 3D printers. MakerGear was founded in 2009 primarily to help meet the demand for Makerbot Cupcake 3D printer kits. They quickly expanded to offer a variety of thermoplastic extruders as well as manufacturing Reprap Prusa kits. In 2011 they took a big step forward and released their very own Mosaic 3D printer that featured high-end precision linear rails for its motion system, providing some of the best reliability, accuracy, and print quality that was currently available. In 2013, they combined all of the best features of the Mosaic 3D printer with a stainless steel frame to create the incredible MakerGear M2.

As we enter into 2013, Simplify3D has joined forces with MakerGear to integrate Simplify3D Software into their capable lineup of 3D printers.  We are committed to offering the best integration and user experience possible, and partnerships with hardware manufacturers help us achieve that goal.

MakerGear has a rich history of innovation in the 3D printing industry and we are excited to join forces with them to continue pushing this technology to the limit!

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