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Version 3.1 of Simplify3D continues to unlock the full potential of 3D printers around the world. This latest release adds one-click support for over 30 new printers. These new additions include many popular machines such as the latest da Vinci printers from XYZprinting, the LulzBot TAZ 6, Ultimaker 2+, FlashForge Finder, PowerSpec Ultra, BCN3D Sigma, Raise3D, Qidi Technology, Geeetech printers and many more. Owners of these printers will now have access to an entirely new range of printing possibilities through the advanced features of Simplify3D Software.

With so many new additions, we have also released the Printer Compatibility Tool, which makes it easy to quickly search through our expanding database of supported printers. If you’ve ever wondered if your 3D printer was compatible with Simplify3D, now is the perfect time to find out!

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In addition to expanded compatibility, the new release also includes many new features and improvements to the software platform including:

    • New Enhancements for USB Communication – Printing with your USB cable is now more reliable than ever with the addition of real-time error checking! The software will automatically validate each command that it sends, allowing printers to recover from transmission errors that would otherwise stop a print.


    • Intuitive Editing of Internal Supports – Simplify3D has always included some of the best support generation tools available, including the ability to customize the size and location of your support structures. The new release combines this customization functionality with the cross-section tool, allowing you to easily look inside your models and edit internal supports that would otherwise be hidden from the outside.


    • Improved Automated Mesh Repair – Many 3D models can have mesh errors or defects that will cause problems during printing. Simplify3D attempts to repair many of these common issues behind-the-scenes to make things easier for new users. The latest release continues to improve this functionality, allowing even more models to be printed successfully without user involvement.


    • Support for BFB File Formats – The latest update adds support for the Bits-from-Bytes (BFB) file format which enables another generation of 3D printers to utilize state-of-the-art slicing and printing capabilities from Simplify3D.


To see all of the other changes in Version 3.1, please visit the Release Notes page.

Simplify3D 3.1 is available today as a free upgrade for all existing Simplify3D customers.

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