Trick or Treat – Why Not Both?

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Simplify3D - finished 3D printed cuff, chain, and keys

Today you’re in for a treat, and we’re not trying to trick you!  Just in time for Halloween, Master Illustrator Don Foley, who we’ve written about before, surprises the world with his spooky chain and cuffs.  His files are carefully arranged and tested for success, and Don is offering the STL files for free download at his website. Consider it the first treat in your goody bag.

Don says, “This print was a LOT of fun, mostly because it took a very small amount (of time) to actually design it, and it prints well.  But also because I designed it to use on my own Halloween display.” Don’s post-printing paint process (wow, that is a mouthful!) elevates his 3D prints to an entirely new level and achieves a realism that is quite rare in 3D printing.

Don’s 3D printing Trick?  Don uses Simplify3D to arrange and “print complex builds…INCREDIBLY complex builds, with no problem”. He has mastered the art of using every square inch of his build plate.  He has printed each one of his models and proven the end result. And now he’s providing everything for you to build your own Halloween masterpiece.

Simplify3D - cuff and chain links model in Simplify3D
Simplify3D - 3D printed cuff and chain parts on print bed

If you’re still hungry for more goodies, another model from Don was featured this week in Popular Science.  The “Navy Beach Stormer” is a military vehicle you can print at home. True to Don’s style, he provides the sketches, 3D model artwork, and STL files.

Happy Halloween trick-or-treaters. Your goody bag should be overflowing.

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