Alina’s challenge

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Simplify3D - cyborg hand in piece in software

Isn’t it fascinating when a new user sees something that’s been right in front of our eyes, but somehow not visible to us?  Apparently, this happened to Jeremy Simon when he taught his wife how to do some 3D printing.  Jeremy builds prosthetic hands and is rightfully a “power printer”, but it was his wife Alina who questioned the arrangement of the individual pieces on the build plate.  She wondered if the tiny pieces of the Cyborg Hand could be positioned underneath the large pieces?  Well, for a new user, that’s a pretty astounding insight!

Jeremy’s video transports us through Alina’s challenge.  It’s views like a great movie because you don’t really know the outcome until the end.  You’ll see how Jeremy uses Simplify3D Software to position all the pieces and how he carefully customizes support structures for each part, even when small parts seem to disappear underneath the large parts.  You’ll see the time lapse of the build, the removal of the pieces, and finally – whether all the pieces achieve the right quality to assemble an intricate Cyborg Hand.  Get some popcorn and watch this 10-minute movie!

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